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We Offer Experience, Ideas, Knowledge, Enthusiasm

At Mission Controls & Automation We Have All The Bases Covered
Our Team - Mission Controls & Automation

In baseball, it takes nine people to field a team. If you’re missing one of your fielders chances are you are going to have problems. At Mission Controls & Automation, we have all the “bases covered.”

Each one of our departments works diligently to coordinate their efforts to provide you, the customer, the product or answer you need.

We have managers in each department who take seriously their responsibility to assure our customers that things are done correctly, within budget, and on time.

There are weekly meetings with all departments gathered to discuss any issues that need attention and to make sure all orders are on schedule. If a person is having some difficulty with a project there is always someone there to help with a suggestion or an idea. We’re all here to help each other.

We have a very loyal group of people who take pride in their work and enjoy that sense of accomplishment in knowing they have another satisfied customer.

As in any team sport the word “chemistry” is often used to describe the success of that team. We too believe that we have “team chemistry” which has helped us build long-standing relationships with our customers and vendors.

We offer experience, ideas, knowledge, enthusiasm, a little humor now and then because we like to have fun too (hope you have a sense of humor) plus WE ALL CARE.

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