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Save Valuable Time with Standardization: TIA Portal

June 18, 2024
Save Valuable Time with Standardization: TIA Portal - Mission Controls & Automation

Rely on an integrated engineering workflow with libraries in the TIA Portal

Running work processes in parallel using integrated digitalization promises huge time gains in the development of new machines. Standardization provides the basis: You get a handle on the increasing complexity of applications, you can respond quickly to constantly changing customer demands, and you can guarantee consistent top quality in the development process. The Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) checks all the boxes.

Standardization is a basis for digitalization

What does standardization in the TIA Portal mean for machine development? At the heart are libraries that you can utilize to put hardware data to use in a range of planning tools, have parts of the program code automatically generated, test the PLC code prior to commissioning, and exchange data via open interfaces. 

The standardization process is divided into four stages: sharing hardware data, automatically generating program code, function tests based on simulation, and easy line integration using open interfaces.

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